Do you understand the installation of the block machine?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Want to ensure that the use of block machine, we in addition to do maintenance work, installation work also cannot ignore, a lot of friends when install does not walk, will cause problems when using, so what's the matters needing attention installation block machine?


Let's get to know each other.

The block machine should be installed on the concrete base of the horizontal, and the anchor bolt is fixed.

When installing, pay attention to the vertical of the main body and level.

After installation, check whether the bolts of each part are loose and the main door is fastened.

All the load bearing for machine, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a lot to do, it directly affects the service life of machine and availability, and requirements into lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good, the machine's main oil, rotating bearing, roller bearing, all gear, bearing, sliding plane.

The installation of the tire is easy to loosen and must be checked regularly.

Pay attention to the degree of wear and tear of the worn parts and replace the worn parts at any time.

Put activity unit chassis plane, should be out dirt and other material to avoid activities bearing when machine can't broken material can't move on the chassis, so that a serious accident, bearing high oil temperature rise, should immediately stop to check the reason.

Installation work is basic, so the use of the subsequent guaranteed, so we know the block machine after the installation work, must be applied to in later life, in this way can we learn knowledge play a useless.

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