Do you need to use molds in the production of concrete pad?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Concrete block machine is the building block in the field of production of the necessary equipment, affected by the production process in the production, need according to the design of the mould for production, can say no mold, concrete block machine is unable to work, the following together to get to know the mould is to the importance of block machine production.

The mould is the core of the brick, which can be used to produce the needed brick.

Block machine material is the mold of the mould is very important in the process of making a link, the mould material need to meet three principles: the mold meet the abrasion resistance, strong toughness, even at the same time satisfy the economic applicability.

Precise design size and smooth surface;

Reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate, easy to manufacture, high life, low cost;

The design meets the technical requirement and the economy is reasonable.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose the more suitable mechanical mold when choosing the right machinery, only in this way can the production efficiency be improved and the varieties of products be enriched.

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