Development and application of cement block machine

- Apr 16, 2018 -

In fact, we used to say that the bricks are free of bricks, which are often used in construction projects, so we can say that most of our houses were built of bricks.

Due to the production of bricks, the kiln is used for firing, and there will be a lot of pollution during the production process. Therefore, production is almost stopped now.

And now use of the pad can be said to be the substitute product of the brick, so the original brick factory is changed to have now the mat manufacturer.

When it comes to the production of pad, it is necessary to refer to the block machine.

Since the beginning of the new century, new wall material policies have been introduced.

China has taken many measures to protect the precious land resources.

Abandon the solid clay brick of "eat the earth tiger", vigorously develop the new building materials autoclaved brick produced by industrial waste residue such as fly ash and tailings slag.

Therefore, a large number of environmental protection brick construction enterprises which are carrying out scientific research and production around new building materials have emerged.

With science and technology content is not high, the simpler needs a large number of cement production technology of cement block machine, has a low degree of automation required a lot of artificial disc rotary pressure brick machine, there are varieties of a single, safety performance on the low pressure hydraulic brick making machine, after market test, block machine equipment to produce block are of good quality and meets the requirement, so widely used.

In fact, there is a quality specification for a commodity country with the same specification.

But as a result of baking-free brick open the uneven region about the quality of the same commodity demand is different also, cement block specification (to produce wall tiles 240 * 115 * 115 mm, for example, strength grade 10 mpa) can affect the strength of the cement block and many factors, so in the produce process is according to the formula and production skills to implement, otherwise the cement block is become piles of waste.

Give us a severe economic loss.

The strength of cement block is divided into: the pressure is super hard, hard, moderate and soft, and the higher the porosity, the lower the strength.

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