Debugging and maintenance of automatic brick - free brick machine.

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Before the advent of the brick machine, the brick was a very hard and time-consuming work.

Moreover, the damage rate of artificial brick is high, and the enterprise benefit is greatly reduced.

The emergence of the brick - free brick machine freed the labor force, and the computer operation can be produced, and the yield is much higher than before, and the variety of production is more abundant than before.

Since the automatic fire free brick machine is controlled by computer, it is necessary to debug the machine and do the maintenance of the machine.

Specific as follows

Installation and debugging of automatic fire - free brick machine.

The factory has made the factory test in the factory according to the relevant regulations. However, due to long distance transportation and long time placement, the following inspection should be carried out during the installation of the brick free brick machine:

1. Check whether the brick machine is damaged or deformed during transportation (especially the hydraulic pipe).

2. Check whether the fasteners in the main parts of the brick machine are loose.

3. Check the reducer.

Whether the oil cylinder of the shaking table and the lubrication points are filled according to the requirements, the oil quantity is appropriate.

4. In addition, it is necessary to make a comprehensive wipe work on the non-burning brick-making machine, and lubricate the relative sliding parts of each moving part before the test machine.

If the transportation need to machine apart can be divided into forming device, the plate device, feeding device, a brick device, stacking device, electronic control device, etc., according to the assembly relationship between assembly in place when you install.

Full automatic fire - free brick machine maintenance.

1. The equipment maintenance and maintenance organization shall be set up, and special maintenance personnel shall be established to clarify their responsibilities and the technical training shall be carried out prior to the work, and the unqualified shall not be employed.

Second, must have the equipment maintenance and maintenance plan, at the same time of annual production and operation plan, must develop the equipment maintenance plan, do it in time, money and manpower on the implementation of the put in place.

Third, necessary spare parts reserve is not to be less, the preparation is not sufficient.

4. To have a true record of maintenance and maintenance, set up a fault diagnosis team.

Analyze the cause of failure and the measures to eliminate it.

To do three things: the cause is unknown;

The responsibility is not clear;

The ministry of education was spared.

5. To formulate the equipment repair and maintenance system suitable for the enterprise.

Everything is done to make sure the equipment is working properly.

The production process of the automatic non-burning brick machine should be strictly carried out according to the operating rules. When not in use, the power supply must be cut off, so that the machine can not run for a long time.


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