Concrete hollow block molding machine

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Concrete hollow block molding machine, gantry and rack connection as a whole, the gantry has a cross-beam extrusion screw seat, the screw seat assembly screw, the upper end of the extrusion screw assembly static pressure wheel, static pressure The wheel is equipped with a hydrostatic wheel hand, a combined tire mold pressing block is connected at the lower end of the extrusion screw, a combined tire mold and a clamping tool are arranged on the frame, a blind core mold is arranged on the combined tire mold and the clamping tool, The lower part of the core mold is provided with a connecting rod, the connecting rod is hinged with the pull rod, the middle part of the pull rod is hinged on the fixed shaft, and the fixed shaft is fixed with the rack; the concrete block of the utility model has the advantages of energy saving, heat preservation, Good and other characteristics, can be widely used in the construction of the load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls.

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