Common faults and countermeasures of cement foaming machine

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Common faults and countermeasures of cement foaming machine.

Any kind of machine, in the use of daily maintenance, the operator can timely find abnormal phenomenon is very important factor, this to avoid more serious consequences or system damage to other components are ten copies of important.

Next, we introduce the common faults and countermeasures of the cement foaming machine.

1. The cement foaming machine operates the air switch in the electric box or the thermal relay tripping.

The connector in the motor or box is loose, check and tighten the wire connector.

The slurry is too thick, the mixer load, the diluted slurry and the "red" button on the reset heat relay.

The voltage is too low to check the reason and increase the voltage to the regulation value.

2. When the cement foaming machine is working normally, the pressure relief valve on the air bag will suddenly exhaust.

Check and replace the pressure reducing valve.

The slurry in the mixing tank is too thick, resulting in the pressure of the pressure relief valve bearing capacity.

3. When the cement foaming machine is working normally, the outlet of the discharging port suddenly thickens or becomes thin and contains air.

In the mixing barrel, the liquid level is too low, the pump air is sucked into the air, then the air is turned out and the air is added to the mixing tank.

The foaming liquid in the liquid barrel is vacuumed, checked and adjusted to the good foaming fluid.

Check whether the air leakage and pressure relief valve are broken and repaired.

The casing is worn too much to replace the new bushing.

4. When the cement foaming machine works normally, the noise of the screw pump suddenly increases.

Inside the liner, enter the solidified cement block or other solid - stop check and rule out.

It is possible that the screw shaft bolt may be broken off to check and replace the bolts.

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