Characteristics of dust collector ventilator

- Jan 11, 2018 -

We all know that dust removal engineering is one of the construction industry is the main work, the dust collector is indispensable, actually dust catcher has applied in many industries, but because we contact less at ordinary times, everyone for dust removal equipment may not understand, in order to let everyone know more about this aspect of knowledge, to introduce below the filter manufacturer.


There are two distinct characteristics of ventilator for dust removal engineering


The overall pressure of the ventilator is relatively high to meet the need of resistance loss of the dust removal system;


A certain amount of content is allowed in the conveying gas.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the variation of air volume and wind pressure caused by the change of gas density.

Gas density change factors are: (1) the gas temperature change (2) gas dust concentration (3) the fan (4) filter is used in plateau area in fan suction side, and the resistance on the high side.

See the introduction of the above, I believe you have a certain knowledge of dust removal equipment, in order to guarantee the normal use of the machine, of course, we are also pay attention to the dust removal equipment maintenance work at ordinary times, our company is mainly engaged in the sale of the dust catcher, need friends are welcome to inquire.

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