Cement reinforced concrete block machine focuses on product quality and performance

- May 21, 2018 -

As global warming environment, we begin to pay close attention to the impact of the earth's environment change to our survival environment, at the same time the rapid development of economy in our country, the narrow gap between urban and rural areas has become a top priority, it is involved in urban village reconstruction and new rural construction, changing face to construction and planning structure, so it will need the support of a lot of building materials, cement reinforced pad machine manufacturing industry is expected to further accelerate the speed of technological innovation and product structure adjustment and industrial structure upgrade, the combination and complementary advantages of enterprise merger and reorganization will be more active, product innovation and industrialization will make new progress. China's cement industry is reinforced pad machine sales

In solid steps were taken in the direction of the more powerful, we believe in our efforts of numerous manufacturers, will certainly outstanding achievements. In recent years the development of our country is quite fast, from the original simple equipment to the rapid production of latest block machine, has experienced a qualitative change, high-end production technology greatly enhance the development of the block machine, many manufacturers have been research at present, hope that through some measures to improve the technical index of the block machine, in order to conform to the trend of future development.

Reinforced cement block machine is China's traditional industries, early start, development of mature, also grew a group of potential small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, according to the current domestic situation of high demand, we will bring greater impetus to the industry. The domestic machinery steel, there is still a gap compared with foreign imports of steel both in terms of quality, variety and there are many gaps in all kinds of ways. We are in auto machine for example to explain it, the rapid development of China's automobile industry and machinery industry for the quality and quantity of mechanical materials have has a lot of gaps, and international level has certain

The gap between China's machinery medium and high end machinery is 25% of the need to import, this is my country compulsory road we need to better study the technical aspects.

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