Cement foam machine technology principles

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Regardless of the foaming machine, the basic principle of foaming is to introduce air into the foaming agent solution. Changes in various models is the introduction of gas in different ways, and the effect is also different.

Foam formation has two necessary factors, one is the foaming agent solution, the other is the air, both indispensable. Without a blowing agent solution, the liquid film that surrounds the gas will not form and there will be no bubbles. And no gas, single foaming agent solution, bubble can not form.

In the bubble formation system, the blowing agent solution is the dispersion medium, the gas is the dispersed phase, the gas dispersed in the liquid to form bubbles, and then composed of numerous bubbles of foam. In addition to the important factor of blowing agent properties, the introduction of gas into the blowing agent solution is another important factor. The introduction of liquid gas, foam machine must be completed, that foaming machine using a certain method of gas into the liquid.

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