Care of the post-block machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Pad machine One of the raw materials is cement, to choose a good cement, such as 425 cement, and then we in the production of blocks, the proportion must be strictly in accordance with the formula given by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the production pad, can not have some raw materials, some less.

Of course, it's maintenance and maintenance should not be less, the following describes how to carry out maintenance and maintenance. 1, mechanical mold maintenance, pad block machine mold is afraid of deformation and rust, you know what to do with this. Hydraulic machinery installation or replacement of new and old molds, must avoid collision, bump, strictly prohibited gravity knock, pry scraping mold; Replace the die, clean, oiled rust, should be dry, flat place support cushion, to prevent gravity

Deformation。 2, mechanical later to the whole machine parts, routine inspection, check the main inspection places: Mold size, welding joint position, the occurrence of weld cracks, should be repaired in time, wear too soon to adjust the size of aggregates, wear and tear over the impact of product quality needs to be a new model; Carefully adjust the gap, including the head and die, pressure head and Skip

The movement plane, the mold frame and the board and so on spacing. 3, the mechanical forming method for the upper part of the hydraulic vibration principle, fastener inspection is also an important work, the regular inspection of the screws are loose, check the main parts of the hollow brick machine fastener whether there is loosening phenomenon. Check the reducer.

Vibration table of the cylinder and the lubrication points are required to refuel, oil is appropriate. The above is the pad block machine in the later how to maintain and maintain, if there are any questions you are welcome to contact us at any time.


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