Brief introduction of fruit-picking roller structure of peanut fruit-picking machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Peanut is a kind of root vegetation, peanut harvest is very troublesome, in the traditional harvesting methods, peanuts harvest time is very long, a plant harvest will cause people to get bored mood. But with the development of the technology, peanut fruit picker reduces this unnecessary trouble, the convenience of peanut picking machine makes people save a lot of time.

In the peanut picking machine we do not understand his structure, the following is my simple analysis of the peanut picking machine fruit-picking drum structure. The fruit-picking roller of peanut fruit picker adopts conical open structure. Mainly by the drum shaft, drum bracket, tooth stem, fruit claw and casing components.

Shown. The roller bracket of the peanut Fruit picking machine is composed of a hub, a strip and a wheel ring. The hub is cast. 16th # round Bar is used for the piece. When casting the hub, the end of the strip is directly cast on the hub, and the other end of the strip is welded on the rim made of flat steel.

It is required that the casting is firm and welded evenly. The tooth rod is made of flat steel with an effective length of 922 mm. Fruit Claw with 14th round bar, a total of 30, of which 6 are long. The short tooth length is 70 mm, the length of the tooth is 85 mm, and the nut is fastened on the 6 gear rod respectively. The long teeth are one for each tooth lever, and are arranged in spirals. Or a hot riveting method will be used to riveting the teeth on the tooth rod.

The gear rod is bolted to the fixing of three roller brackets. The drum bracket is fixed on the roller shaft with the top wire respectively.

Attention should be paid to the installation, the peanut fruit picking machine fruit-picking drum small end six teeth should be basically maintained in the same plane, should not be rubbed against the protective cover, to leave a certain gap, but the gap should not exceed 5 mm. Structure of fruit-picking roller of peanut-picking machine I believe we all have a definite understanding, in the case of peanut harvesting using a peanut-picking machine, if there are some unexpected situation, we can according to the above for the peanut picking machine fruit-picking drum structure introduction, simple check the following peanut fruit picking machine.


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