Block machines are usually used in which industries

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The construction industry is a very important industry.

The building consists of the present city, the building cannot leave the support of the construction industry, there is no construction industry, now the city construction will not exist.

Now, in architecture, there are a lot of machines that make building easier and easier to build.

The block machine is a kind of equipment specially used in the construction industry to produce cement blocks. Besides the application in the construction industry, which industries should the block machine be used in?

What are the specific roles?

In building materials, the application of the protective layer block machine is very extensive.

In the construction process, the cement block can be used as the protective layer of other items, especially the reinforcement, so the quality of the cement block must be reliable.

Here are some concrete blocks in the construction industry:

1. The protective layer of the external force has the anchoring force of the steel bar, and the anchorage force between the concrete and the steel reinforcement is used, and the two are closely combined to participate in the work together.

When the protective layer is too thin or missing, it reduces its anchoring force and reduces the force and bending moment of the structure.

2. The fire protection layer concrete has a certain insulation effect, and can protect the steel bar which is easy to soften in case of fire.

3. The protective layer in the maintenance structure is too thin and easy to penetrate into the moist air and water.

The block machine ACTS on the construction industry to provide high quality cement blocks for the construction industry.

Use block machine, block machine, proper operation to produce high quality block, will exert the advantage of machine to the maximum, if you want to know more about block machine related content, please visit our website or the telephone contact us.


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