Block machine is widely used in construction industry.

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Now there are a lot of industry needs to use the block machine, cast-in-place buildings, roads, etc., but there are people don't know the use of block machine, block machine made by special formula through long-term test, not easily broken block its usefulness and much higher than the other materials.

The material with high durability is the same as concrete, which can be integrated with concrete to effectively prevent air, rain and seawater from penetrating.

The high strength concrete block has an accurate shape and a high steel seal.

Block the function of the reinforced concrete beam, plate, column, wall foundation in the range of allowable effective protective layer control, good consistency and adopt professional mold injection molding process, which can effectively control of reinforced concrete protective layer thickness;

High strength, good bonding with concrete, maintenance structure durability of concrete protective layer is too thin to penetrate in the wet gas and water, too thick, easy to produce cracks, under external force Protection layer for steel bar anchoring force, takes advantage of the anchoring force between concrete and reinforcing steel bar, the two together.

The over-thickness of the steel reinforcement will reduce the effective height of the cross section and reduce the flexural capacity of the section.

The fire protection layer concrete has a certain insulation effect, and can protect the steel bar which is easy to soften in case of fire.

Block machine belongs to non - sintering block.

It is formed by a certain proportion of cementitious materials and aggregates.

Hollow block brick structure is developed based on brick structure, from the concrete to replace clay, it retains the traditional brick structure materials widely, construction is convenient, the characteristics of low cost, but also has the characteristics of high strength, good ductility of reinforced concrete structure, it is the only of unity of masonry and concrete performance of a new type of material.

Construction industry as the pillar industry of national economy, in the process of advancing our country modernization plays an irreplaceable role, its huge construction market capacity as well as the wall material production provides a very broad prospect.

The solid waste heap not only occupies a lot of land, but also brings serious pollution and harm to the local people's production and life.

The project can not only effectively eliminate a large number of solid wastes such as construction waste, but also effectively solve the problems such as the occupation of land and environmental pollution by solid waste.

Can effectively solve the massive destruction of clay brick production at present in our country land, land, a large number of coal brings the problems such as air pollution, and thus promote the building wall materials production optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to achieve the industry production technology for large span.


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