Block machine development

- Dec 12, 2017 -

There are more than 40 enterprises engaged in the manufacture of block production equipment in China, and more than 40 enterprises mainly use block production equipment as their main products. The well-known foreign block manufacturing equipment manufacturers also have flocked to the Chinese market. Under the situation of competition both inside and outside of China, the Chinese block manufacturing equipment manufacturing enterprises should base their efforts on the Chinese market, look at the international market, actively develop their products, create famous brand products and improve the reliability of their products.

Selection of the United States model block vibration mode, the production of pavement models use the European model of Taiwan's vibration models. In fact, European block construction also has nearly a hundred years of history, the block is mainly used Taiwan Formosa Plastics production. In addition, the pavement tiles can also be produced using a U.S.-mode die-vibration molding machine. From the Chinese block building point of view, the load-bearing block strength grade requirements are not high, the general village building 1-3, the required block MU5.0, MU7.5; mostly urban 6-storey building, the required construction Block MU7.5, MU10.0; and the city a few high-rise reinforced block construction, only 15-18 layers, 1-3 layers MU20.0,4-8 layers need MU15.0, the remaining layers For MU10.0, and MU15.0, MU20.0 block amount is not large.

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