Block brick machine factory. The advantages of practical application are introduced

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Cutting machine is one of the typical products of our company, compared to other company's products, there are a lot of advantages, not only easy to use, and maintenance is also very convenient, and saves the power, so the comparison is good, the following our manufacturer to detailed introduces the advantages of it for you.


One, the change of domestic reducer demoulding practice, USES the pulley, chain sprocket mold release, so the structure is simple, durable, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, no speed reducer leakage phenomenon, and save the power, release with only 1.1 kw power.

2, in addition to the frame itself machine suspension and connection parts are using spring, vibration molding will not only realize the pressure head, mould box, mold core and plate vibration under four guan qi, guarantee the products of high density and uniform, and smooth operation, low noise, good vibration damping effect is realized.

3. The head can be moved longitudinally, which is convenient for feeding, repairing and washing. Meanwhile, the head drop distance is small, only 20mm. On the one hand, the pressure foot is small with the box and core, and the block is not large.

On the other hand, there is less damage to the box core.

4. The mold can be replaced easily, and it can be used to produce all kinds of different specifications such as 240, 140, 115, standard bricks and other different specifications, and can be customized according to the user's requirements.

5. The base plate is synchronous with the box core during molding, and is not affected by the impact force, so the life of the wooden pallet is more than twice that of the same type.

Summarizes the above these advantages, a total of five, high performance, good effect of vibration reduction, reasonable design, convenient mould replacement and life higher benefits, so friends in cutting machine of choose and buy time to see whether the product has a few advantages to choose and buy, more cutting machine in future, please pay more attention to our website

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