Block brick machine factory. Teach you how to avoid strength defects?

- Jan 24, 2018 -

The hollow brick plays an important role in the construction project, which can not only meet the needs of the project, but also can play an excellent characteristic in practical application.


At the same time, in the process of producing hollow bricks using block brick machine, if the concrete raw material, or the use of equipment is not standard, it will cause the hollow brick strength defect.

Block brick factory home to introduce to you to avoid the hollow brick strength defect measures.

The strength is the important material index of concrete hollow brick, which directly affects the reliability of the wall structure and is an important parameter for the quality of the masonry structure.

Its main phenomenon is the intensity fluctuation is large, the intensity is low.

(1) to strengthen the concrete mix in the raw material quality control, selection of cement in strict accordance with industry standards, use the cement of not less than 32.5, comply with the provisions of the GB175 and GB12958 and GB1344 specified in the slag silicate cement.

The cement of different varieties and different labels can not be used together, and the waste water mud cannot be used as cementing material instead of cement.

When the cement is changed, the mix ratio and water cement ratio should be adjusted in time to meet the strength requirement.

(2) the concrete strength satisfying the requirements is closely related to the accurate measurement.

Even bagged cement should be poured into the measuring bucket first, then poured into the blender after weighing.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the measurement equipment, and the full-time and responsible personnel should be assigned to work in this field.

(3) select the appropriate processing parameters for production, machinery and equipment should be regularly maintenance, machinery and equipment in a normal state, is the precondition of concrete hollow bricks is the basic guarantee product quality.

Actually in the process of production of any product, the product quality of raw materials, including the ratio of raw material, production technology and so on several aspects, will affect the quality of products, so bricks vendors would remind you that in the process of production of hollow brick, we want to hold on the above three production technical requirements.

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