Application of block machine

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Block is an important role in building production, so it can be said that tall buildings are built by blocks.

Block machine is the special equipment to produce block, according to the different application block, the block machine can be operation for different raw material, make it become the appearance of the block, meet the requirements of the use of each domain block.

Block machine can produce different shapes of block, the main is to use the different types of mould, can make the block mass production, now commonly used concrete block, steel block, contact pad railway bridge dedicated block, standard brick, hollow brick, lu yanshi, colored pavement concrete brick stirrup, and so on.

Block machine multi-purpose, can meet the various needs of different industries.

So how do you use a pad machine properly?

Block machine in use to check the mold size, welding combining site condition, weld cracking, shall promptly repair, wear too quickly to adjust the aggregate size, excessive impact of the products quality are subject to match the new mould;

Carefully adjust the gap, including the pressure head and die core, the pressure head and the moving plane of the moving vehicle, the frame and the line plate, etc., the relative motion shall not interfere and rub;

Install or replace new and old molds, avoid collision, clash, civilized assembly, and protect the mould;

When cleaning the mould daily, use air compressor and soft tool to remove the concrete residue.

Replace the molds, clean, oil and rust protection, should be dry, flat on the cushion, to prevent gravity deformation.

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