Application and maintenance of peanut picker.

- Mar 01, 2018 -

The production of peanuts in China is very high, and it is not only time consuming but also very expensive.

The emergence of peanut picking machine solves the problem of artificial picking of peanut, and reduces the working time and improves production efficiency.

The peanut picker must be adjusted and overhauled before use.

Before operation, the operator to the picker to conduct a comprehensive inspection, look at whether the picker is in good condition, whether the connecting bolt fastening components, each pulley whether the installation is firm, turn the pulley by hand without collision phenomenon of friction, picking fruit have part of gear hobbing without open welding and missing teeth;

Rotate the roller with the hand to observe whether the rotation is smooth.

Check whether the tension of the triangle belt of each transmission part is reasonable;

Check whether the diesel engine is running well;

Check whether the motor is running normally and whether there is leakage in the power line.

In addition, the rotating parts should be equipped with a protective cover;

During the test run, the staff should leave the picker first, and after the operator sends out the specified signal, start the test.

The work should be carried out according to the process flow.

When the peanut seedlings are fed, they must first fill the feeding mouth with the results of the peanut, and the feeding time should be even.

It is forbidden to feed hard objects such as stones, blocks and metal objects into the machine, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accidents.

When working, it is strictly forbidden to put the hand into the feeding port, fan mouth and exhaust.

The operator should tighten up the sleeves, and the female comrade should wear the working cap.

If you hear abnormal sound or find fault, you must stop the machine to check and troubleshoot.

It is strictly forbidden to work overload.

Professional staff should be checked, adjusted and maintained at the end of each day.

Such as: grease, repair welding, etc.

When the drum is blocked, the feeding amount should be checked, the drying humidity of peanut seedlings, the tightness of the motor triangle belt, the power supply voltage, etc.

Adjust the clearance between the roller and the bottom of the sieve when the peanut picker is not clean.

The gap between the roller and the bottom of the sieve is easy to be picked.

When the peanuts contain more sundries, when the peanuts have been sucked out, adjust the air intake.

When sundry, reduce the intake;

Peanut small fruit has been sucked out, raise the air intake.

The peanut picker reduces the crushing rate of peanut shells, the harvest of peanuts is higher, and the work efficiency is higher.

With the expansion of peanut planting area, the application of peanut picker is more and more extensive.


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