Analysis of some problems in the mould of pad-block machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Pad machine Mould is a kind of product that we often encounter in the process of using pad-block machine, in the development of our construction industry occupies an important role, but the pad machine mold in the use of the process often encountered some problems, if we do not deal with, will be our products in the future use of a certain impact,

So understand some of the block machine mold problem treatment method is very important, the following our professional manufacturers to give you a detailed introduction to the pad block machine mold in the use of some of the problems and precautions. Cushion machine should pay more attention to oil pump when used before starting should check the oil tank, oil temperature, if you need to replenish the oil, but must pay attention to the previous oil oil, agreed to add the same grade of oil, and with a dedicated fuel tank refueling, oil temperature can not be less than 15 degrees, The system should be operated under the load condition for more than 20 minutes to see if the hydraulic components and external parts are disposed of. As long as the standard use of cylinder machinery can be normal operation.

Pad machine After the inspection, is to replace the mold attention to the problem.

1, the new cement pad machine mold removed.

2, the next touch of the new mold installed to the host vibration phase above, if it is the support pad to replace the low rib block, due to the height of the low rib cushion is different, so to adjust the height of the support pad block.

3, and then the next mold down to the die box inside.

4, the upper bracket to control the next mold, and the mold box close to stop, tighten the bolt fixed, and then lift up the mold box up and down two times to see if the slide smooth. The above is our professional manufacturers for everyone briefly introduced on the pad block machine mold in the use of some of the problems of the summary, we can only be summed up to deal with the future use of our products to bring help, we are professional pad block machine mold manufacturers, If you have any problems in use, please contact us or call us.


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