Analysis of daily maintenance skill of peanut seedling machine

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Peanut seedling rub silk machine is a kind of very important in our agricultural machinery machinery, for our peanut production process has brought a lot of help, but we will encounter many problems when using, how should we deal with?

The following is our professional peanut seedling machine factory home to give a detailed introduction of its daily maintenance tips.

In the use of peanut seedling rub silk machine we should use new machinery and equipment according to the actual work requirements, in accordance with the scientific operating mode to use more conducive to ensure the work efficiency and ensure its long service life, so we should how to specific operation?

1. Make up the tank.

The oil tank simple leakproof method Driving found oil tank, clean will leak, with soap or bubble gum in the leak, can reduce leakage, such as has the adhesive, such as epoxy resin adhesive with a bouquet of temporary plugging, effect is better.

2. Clever change of parts.

Adjust the transposition method to change the worn parts to a position, and continue to work with parts that are not worn or worn.

3. Remove the cylinder cover.

Twist off after the cylinder cover nut, first with wooden hammer or a hammer to knock around the cylinder cover, next reoccupy crank rotation of the crankshaft, with the aid of the impact of the piston compression stroke in the air, standing up to cylinder head, make it separated from the cylinder block.

4. Make up for the leakage of the tire.

Tyre inner tube in the small hole, the hole can be the first around with wood file polished clean, then cut a medical adhesive plaster to stick up, than the mouth of the cave cut a bigger piece of adhesive plaster again, according to six or seven layers on this post, not leak tires can keep for a long time.

5, it happens to be a disorder.

It is not enough for the lower end of the gearbox to insert and the slot is not deep enough.

At this time, can remove the shift lever seat, and use the waste inner tube to cut 1-2 gaskets, the cushion in the transmission lever ball joint and the ball cover between, the fault can be ruled out.

Peanut seedling rub silk machine only by reasonable use can improve the performance of peanut seedling rub silk machine, which can not only improve efficiency, at the same time, it will greatly improve the service life, the us has a great role in promoting the development of the industry in the future.

Hope above about peanut seedling rub silk machine maintenance skills knowledge can help to your future life, we will in the future is introduced to share more wonderful content, hope you attention to us.


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