A solution to the oil leak phenomenon of block forming machine.

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Used in block molding machine, failure is inevitable, only we know the cause of the failure and solutions, these will not cause too big effect to our work, often occurs when used in block molding machine will appear the phenomenon of oil spill, it not only affects our work at the same time also increase the cost, then met the phenomenon, we should be how to deal with, don't worry, here is a block molding machine manufacturer is introduced, the processing method to learn together.


Pumping station due to internal pressure is bigger, so once it will timely remedy, or where the oil will crack due to the reason of the pressure is more and more big, so once found that appear on the surface of the pump station oily be soiled, will be immediately processed, prevent holes is too large, and in the winter when the joint of tubing is also often can appear the phenomenon of the spill, because winter temperatures is dry, it is easy to tubing frozen rotten, and so on tubing oil must be in a timely manner.

As for reducer processing better, place of speed reducer leakage, basic it is united, gear with oil leakage from the gap joint, general this kind of situation is about to open the speed reducer, in connection with leakproof gum line, can prevent oil spills.

Understand the block molding machine oil solution, can better solve in the future, if we want better to prevent the occurrence of fault block molding machine, will be ready to its maintenance and maintenance work, it also can guarantee the performance of the machine, to improve our work efficiency.

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