9 points to note with the use of a brick - free brick

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The machine is used to make bricks. It is different from the traditional brick making process. It adopts hydraulic molding technology to make bricks.

Brick made of brick without brick, the internal structure is compact, rigid and durable, the effect is very good.

What should an operator pay attention to when using a brick - free brick machine?

Let me introduce you.


During the operation of the hollow brick machine, it is strictly forbidden to insert the tool into the drum so as to avoid accidents.


Should check the clutch, brake, wire rope and so on should be good at each time, inside the drum should not have foreign body.


In the use of a mixer, it must be placed in a solid place, with a bracket or a leg holder, and no tyres should be used instead.


When the hopper is raised, no one is allowed to pass or stop under the hopper. After the work is completed, the hopper should be fixed and then left.


Hollow brick oil cylinder, valve block, valve, oil pipe and other hydraulic parts, oil leakage, should replace the oil seal, sealing ring and other maintenance methods or the whole replacement, avoid the disease operation.

Oil pump and oil motor should be listened to, seen and felt frequently during operation.


Please keep the hydraulic system, oil pipeline and hydraulic station clean.


Pay attention to excessive oil temperature, affecting machine performance.


When the hollow brick machine is overhauled, the hopper should be fixed and the power supply cut off.


Hollow brick mechanism shall strictly control the vibration time pressure, adjust ShiZhen time according to the requirements of the products, summarizes the best ratio between the yield and quality, when it is necessary to adjust for the number of feed or feed equilibrium.

It is a new kind of brick making equipment, and it must pay attention to its operation and operation attentions when the operator is in use.

Hope we can introduce the use of the brick machine to help you in the process of your use.

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