Pulse Cloth Bag Filter

Pulse Cloth Bag Filter

We know less about pulse bag dust catcher, only know some basic knowledge and application fields, so today we are going to deeply understand the pulse bag dust catcher, for our future use. As in the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter material, filter efficiency and resistance are...

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Using Tips of Pulse Cloth Bag Filter:

Do not destroy the initial layer when the ash is clear, so as not to reduce the efficiency.

For pulse bag dust catcher, when we were in use in addition to the correct operation, also want to do a good job of maintenance of pulse bag filter, so as to better guarantee the life of the pulse bag filter.

Application of Pulse Cloth Bag Filter:

1. Welding fume,foundary ,mining

2. Food,pharmaceutical,wood industrial

3. Shot blasting ,spray powder,plastics

4. Tobacco,metal,painting,furnace,electronics

5. Building material,pigment,ceramics,concret

6. Hardware mold,mechanical processing,chemical

Packaging of Pulse Cloth Bag Filter:

1. Export packing.(Wooden case, carbon cast and pallet).

2. Container (as customer requirements).

3. It is suitable for long distance ocean transportation.

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