Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine

Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine

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Introduction of Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine:

A rebar spacer is a device that secures the reinforcing steel or "rebar" in reinforced concrete structures as the rebar is assembled in place prior to the final concrete pour. The spacers are left in place for the pour to keep the reinforcing in place, and become a permanent part of the structure.

Details of Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine:

Vibration Frequency:0-6,000 rpm (circles/minute)

Exciting Force:60 KN

Motor Power:26.25Kw


Support Plate Dimension:680x540x12mm

Total Weight:About 5T

Advantages of Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine:

The concrete spacers have the advantage of the same raw material which will improve the watertightness and strength of the concrete. Plastic spacers have the advantage of the low cost production and fast processing.We provide Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine, welcome to consult for more details.

Rebar Concrete Spacer Machine

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