Concrete Cover Block Machine

Concrete Cover Block Machine

The concrete cover block machine mod. 1021 is a CE approved machine for the production of concrete blocks withvariable height between 60 mm and 300 mm. The range of applicable moulds is virtually endless. Any type of concrete products may be produced, from selflocking blocks to road kerbs. It’s...

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Product Details

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Simple, automatic feeding hopper, automatic lifting complete equipment, can be selected according to customer requirements.


1. Main technical parameters:

Main Technical Specifications


51 blocks/mould (20:200x22x22mm)

30 blocks/mould (25:250x25x25mm)
30 blocks/mould (30:300x25x25mm)
63 blocks/mould (70: 70x58x30mm)

Molding Cycle

10-15 seconds


(8 working hours)

20 (200x22x22mm): 110,000-122,400 blocks

25 (250x25x25mm): 65,000-79,000 blocks
30 (300x25x25mm): 65,000-79,000 blocks
70 (75x53x30mm): 136,080–166,320 blocks

Vibration Frequency

0-6,000 rpm (circles/minute)

Exciting Force

60 KN

Motor Power




Support Plate Dimension


Total Weight

About 5T

Raw Material

Crushed stone, sand, cement, fly ash, slag, coal gangue, gravel, perlite and other industrial waste

Applicable products

Concrete blocks, solid/hollow/porous block products, paving stones with or without fabrics, garden and landscaping products, slate, curbs, grass bricks, slope protection bricks, interlocking bricks, etc.

Applicable Area

Widely used in buildings, highways, squares, gardens, landscapes, urban construction, etc.

Note: All product parameters are subject to change without notice.

This equipment mainly produces various concrete spacer, special-shaped concrete spacer, Reinforced protective cushion block and so on, which are mainly used for cast-in-place buildings, highway, railway, bridge and ancient buildings, reinforced concrete protective layer spacer, beam support, reinforcing bar spacing standard pad support and so on.

The mold of cover block machine adopts professional manganese steel plate line cutting technology, which can effectively control the thickness of the cover block.

High strength, good adhesion to concrete, to ensure that there is no defraying.

Simple operation, save labor and money, widely used in building, road, bridge, tunnel, airport, subway and other civil construction.

The materials needed for the cover block: stone powder, slag, coal gangue,  mineral waste residue, 
lime sand, fly ash, gravel, tailings, sand, construction waste can be ground and mixed with a small amount of cement!

1.pure pressure integral machinery,The pressure will not be too large to result in the cylinder out of oil cylinder.All of them are new technologies developed by ourselves. We produce our products with the best materials, and we don't have to worry about it just for the sake of reassuring customers in the future.

2. Full automatic feeder, automatic feed,Feeding uniform,fast speed,reduces time and effort,No material leakage.

3.cover block machine hopper: Uniform feeding to the mold. Simple, easy to use and convenient for workers to operate.

4. pan mixer: can lie down below the ground, and the upper lip can be even with the ground, so as to reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is convenient for workers to put materials.

5. Multi-use: it can produce a variety of products by changing molds. Cement products within 100 cm can be produced.

6, green environmental protection, no noise, production can be in the neighbourhood,just the voice of the motor running, workers operation is very simple,the technology is advanced. The cover block of our machine produed are good-denisty andhigh quality,flawless,economize on manpower, a whole shape,Pressure system is all seamless steel pipe connection, high pressure, fast speed.

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