Concrete Mixer

  • Secondary Structrual Column Pump

    Secondary Structrual Column Pump

    Description: The secondary constructional column (wall) concrete transport pump has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and simple structure, and is the most ideal domestic secondary...

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  • Shotcrete Machine

    Shotcrete Machine

    Prouduct Description: Shotcrete machine also called grouting machine, it is a new type of high efficiency grouting machine, which is mainly applicable to the grouting operation of roadway concrete...

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  • Dry Mortar Transport Pump

    Dry Mortar Transport Pump

    Dry Mortar Transport Pump: Qz-hb-40s dry powder mortar transport pump.The main function of qz-hb-40s dry powder mortar transport pump is to send mortar pump to the working surface, which is the...

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  • Multi-function Concrete Pump

    Multi-function Concrete Pump

    Description: Qz-hb-40s fine stone concrete pump/multi-function pump has a wide range of USES, which can be used for ground floor cushion, building main body, railway and road tunnel, bridge...

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  • Continuous Mixer Concrete

    Continuous Mixer Concrete

    Continuous Mixer: Qz-30j continuous agitator is a continuous feeding agitator developed for mixing fine stone concrete in order to improve the production efficiency of mixed concrete and meet the...

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  • Fine Stone Concrete Pump

    Fine Stone Concrete Pump

    Fine stone concrete pump/mortar pump Performance Features: Adopt the new generation S tube valve to change direction, at the same time equipped with floating wear ring, automatic compensation...

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  • Mortar Pump

    Mortar Pump

    Product Description: Fine stone concrete pump is specially developed to provide automatic equipment for pumping cement fine stone mortar and cement concrete according to the characteristics of...

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  • Concrete Pump

    Concrete Pump

    Product Description : Concrete conveying pump, also known as concrete pump, consists of pump body and conveying pipe.It is a kind of machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete...

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  • Concrete Mixer Equipment

    Concrete Mixer Equipment

    Concrete mixer equipment Introduction of Concrete mixer equipment 1.Concrete mixer equipment is a device that combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A...

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  • Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

    Double Shaft Concrete Mixer

    Double shaft Concrete mixer Product Application Concrete mixer truck(cement mixer, concrete mixer), is specially used for transportation of concrete. Because of its appearance, often referred to...

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  • Horizontal Concrete Mixer

    Horizontal Concrete Mixer

    horizontal Concrete mixer Main Features 1.Stirring device is mainly composed of mixing drum and auxiliary support components. Mixing drum of concrete loaded containers, rotates the concrete along...

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  • Double Shaft Humidification Concrete Mixer

    Double Shaft Humidification Concrete Mixer

    Parameters of double shaft humidification Concrete mixe

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