Lightweight concrete foaming equipment.

Lightweight concrete foaming equipment.

Foam concrete brick machine/foam concrete machine/foam cement block making machine features: 1.low cost and high yield 2.easy study and operate 3.convenient maintenance Foam cement block making machine are mainly consists of two parts: One: special mixer for light concrete The other one:...

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Lightweight concrete foaming equipment






Foamed cement properties

1) the thermal resistance of about 10 to 20 times of ordinary concrete.

2) is equivalent to about 1/5 ~ 1/8 of ordinary cement concrete, can reduce the building load as a whole.

3) do not need to leave every seam and vent pipe.

4) how many hole of foamed cement has the lower modulus of elasticity, allowing it to impact load has good absorption and dispersion effect.

5) foaming cement containing a large number of independent air bubble, and uniform distribution, is 5 times of ordinary concrete, effective sound insulation function.

6) pressure resistance, compressive strength of 0.6-0.6 MPA.

7) water resistance: cast-in-situ foamed cement smaller water imbibition, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, make its have certain waterproof performance.

8) durability: same as the principal part of the project life.

9) the construction is simple: simply use cement foaming machine can realize automatic operation.

10) production processability: foamed cement can not only production into all kinds of products in the factory, and still can field construction, cast-in-situ directly into roofing, ground and wall body, and can be saw, planer, hammer, drilling and other processing.

11) environmental: bubble cement raw material required for cement and foaming agent, foaming agent for neutral, do not contain harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, to avoid the environmental pollution and fire hazard.

12) budget: comprehensive cost is low.

Scope of application of foamed cement

1) the sidewalks, playgrounds, stadium, etc.

Prevent damage of frosty sidewalks, playgrounds bump, road.

2) the structure of the floor, roof, wall, room, etc.

Building general with cement floor, marble or other products, such as using foamed concrete not only lighten the load of the building, you can also prevent passed between the noise floor.

Building roof using foamed concrete can heat preservation, heat insulation effect;

Heat preservation, heat insulation effect of 20-30 times that of ordinary bituminous concrete, can keep the indoor temperature with other top floor floor indoor temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer, use of foam concrete pouring roof also has good permeability, adding suitable amount of additives have strong waterproof effect, after alternative other waterproof materials, solve the problem of roofing leakage for a long time, is the high cost performance, low cost, simple supply and demand of heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof material.

3) applicable to tap water pipes, hvac duct, pipelines and other pipe insulation, moistureproof, anticorrosive, can also be used for water meter, freeze protection of pipes, anticorrosive, effectively extend the service life of pipelines.

4) to cut off the electromagnetic wave (special communication equipment to prevent outside interference), to cut off the high voltage electron magnetic field.

5) foamed concrete board, used for wall heat preservation of the building, according to abrasive in situ foamed concrete, can also be used to move houses (light, heat preservation).

6) foamed concrete brick, used in the external walls of buildings or compartment, reduce the load of the building, have heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, permeability and seismic effect.

7) fills up the gap part of the space inside the tunnel and its various building, prevent pests and other harmful biological invasion.

8) can be used for mushroom cultivation chamber and vegetable greenhouses architecture, with cheap price, you can control the temperature of the all the year round, also has the very high productivity, reduce the complexity of the construction.

9) the low temperature cold storage and cold heat preservation, and possesses the characteristics of thermal insulation, impermeability, seismic.

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