Cement Foaming Machine

  • Concrete Foam Machine For Block Making

    Concrete Foam Machine For Block Making

    Introduction: This machine's development based on the design experience, combined with the present domestic foam concrete equipment, the characteristics of the small capacity, low efficiency...

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  • Construction Foam Cement Mixer

    Construction Foam Cement Mixer

    Introduction: 1.The machine 's structure is simple. It is easy to learn and operate, safe and reliable. 2.It produces various blocks with different molds. 3.The machine combines low mode...

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  • Foam Concrete Production Equipment

    Foam Concrete Production Equipment

    Description of cement foaming machine: 1.Foamed concrete is a lightweight concrete derived from portland cement and common portland cement asinorganic cementing material, coal ash as admixture,...

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  • Small Cement Foaming Machine

    Small Cement Foaming Machine

    Introduction: Foam concrete, also called cellular concrete, is typically made of water, cement and foam. This mixture may also include aggregates or chemicals added to change its physical...

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  • Concrete Cement Foaming Equipment

    Concrete Cement Foaming Equipment

    Company Profile: Our factory mainly produces “Qingzhong”Brand automatic hydraulic blocking machine, hydraulic automatic brick machine, semi-auto blocking machine, mixer. At the meantime, we also...

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  • Hydraulic Cement Foam Machine

    Hydraulic Cement Foam Machine

    Main technical parameters: Dimension of host machine:2060*1730*2580mm Host machine power:13.45KW Mould period:24s Vibration force:35.5KN The size of the pallet:850*550*30mm Weight of host...

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  • Light Weight Foam Concrete Unit

    Light Weight Foam Concrete Unit

    Product Introduction: The foaming machine consists of a pumping system, a foaming system, a stirring system, a rack and an electrical control cabinet. (1) the pumping system consists of a...

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  • Large Cement Foaming Machine Equipment

    Large Cement Foaming Machine Equipment

    Product Introduction: Foamed concrete and foam concrete, it is by process of foaming machine system will be fully foaming in mechanical way, foaming agent and foam slurry mixing with water, and...

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  • New Type Cement Foaming Machine

    New Type Cement Foaming Machine

    Product Introduction: The essence of cement foaming machine is to introduce air into the water solution of the foaming agent. Foaming machine itself is not possible to output out of thin air...

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  • Foam Concrete Machine Hydraulic

    Foam Concrete Machine Hydraulic

    Introduction: Foaming machine is also equivalent to foaming machine. It is equivalent to the foaming agent water solution mixed with air after the formation of bubbles. The main body of foamed...

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  • Cement Foam Concrete With Air Foaming Machine.

    Cement Foam Concrete With Air Foaming Machine.

    The performance characteristics of 1. The whole machine adopts full hydraulic system of double cylinder, running smoothly and with high pressure, which can be used in high-rise buildings. 2. The...

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  • Floor Heating Backfill Cement Foaming Machine

    Floor Heating Backfill Cement Foaming Machine

    Performance advantages of cement foaming machine: The ratio of various components is fully automatic control, and the liquid crystal display screen can monitor the working state in real time,...

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