10-15 Full-automatic Block Molding Machine

10-15 Full-automatic Block Molding Machine

1. Excellent mechanical design: This model refers to the unique design, the use of super - strength steel, through special welding technology. Based on the principle of mechanical resonance centrifugal force, the excitation platform USES the directional vibration mode to make it reliable, easy...

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1. Excellent mechanical design:

This model refers to the unique design, the use of super - strength steel, through special welding technology.

Based on the principle of mechanical resonance centrifugal force, the excitation platform USES the directional vibration mode to make it reliable, easy to install, convenient to maintain and so on.

Its fuselage adopts closed structure to prevent dust pollution.

The die is made of quenching, tempering, carburizing, nitriding and other heat treatment processes, which can improve the life of the die, and the wear resistance of the die is greatly enhanced by exceeding the national standard.

The balanced system adopts four - pole guiding mode, which ensures the precise movement of the head and mould box with the super long guide sleeve.

The rack adjusting system improves the balance and coordination degree of the pressure head and the mould box in the production process.

The rotating convection and forced fabric method ensure the brick compactness, shorten the fabric time, and the gear transmission mode is more stable.

Parallel bars walk to improve fabric speed, showing which performance and stability performance.

The speed of the frequency control and the speed of the intelligent adjustment cycle, and the advantages of smooth, slow speed and flexible operation.

2. Excellent components:

The electric and hydraulic system of this machine is the top level configuration. The main oil supply and electric control parts are easy to operate with imported components such as Germany, Japan and Denmark, and the performance is stable.

3. High degree of mechanical and electrical integration:

The product high mechanization degree, advanced process design, choose German Siemens company central processing unit (CPU) and the Japanese company omron sensor, after its to cooperate to complete the manual operating equipment can automatically cycle work.

Integration of mechanical subject and electrical equipment.

The text alarm and so on many prompt function and in the microcomputer, when the machine error operation, it can timely and accurately inform the user fault reason and the processing method.

The machine is simple and easy to operate, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy and practicality.

4. Hydraulic control system:

Imported high dynamic proportional valve, can automatically adjust the flow in the process of reproduction, applying a cylinder, the cylinder and the endpoint buffer effect, so as to improve the stability, prolong the service life of the oil cylinder, and improve the speed of each part of the action and flexibility.

5. Vibration system:

Adopting the German frequency conversion technology and main engine frequency conversion control, the shock absorber assembly adopts oil-immersed type, which improves the high speed load and makes the concrete fully liquefied and exhaust in a moment.

The life of the bearing has more than doubled.

Its effect is fully reflected: the vibrator assembly's synchronization, soft start function, improve brick compactness, more energy saving, forming fast five advantages.

6. Keep innovating and improving:

Changeover rocker system is our unique innovative design.

This makes it more convenient to replace the mold.

This machine has a special energy saving performance, and it USES a large displacement hydraulic pump, which can run fast and produce high efficiency.

Together with the electronic metering logic analysis, it can automatically precise and reasonable batching.

7. System stability and security:

High performance peripheral equipment, installation is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof protection.

All of them are separated by strong and weak, and the weak current control strong electric design principle is made.

This can both remove the external interference of strong electricity and ensure accurate signal collection, and ensure the safety of people and equipment.

The hydraulic system is designed with oil-immersed electromagnetic action, which can reduce the oil temperature and improve the life span while reducing the stability of the shock guarantee system.

8. Turning waste into treasure:

Raw materials can be used in industrial waste residue, fly ash, coal gangue, river sand, slag, construction waste, stone powder, stone and stone, stone processing waste residue, etc. (one or more of them can be selected).

The products produced are characterized by high strength, light weight and low cost.

The product is well compact-free, and can be stacking without the need of cooking, without the need of steam heating (for shortening maintenance time), energy saving and environmental protection can be turned into a treasure.

The equipment value far beyond its price, because of its simple operation procedure, advanced forming method, the remarkable power-saving features and unique production process, which laid a foundation for you in a short period of time to recover the cost.

Technical parameters

Each time the molding

Standard bricks (240*115*53mm)

48 / die

The host power


Dutch brick (100*200*50mm)

27 / die

The whole machine quality


Porous brick (240*115*90mm)

24/ die

Mainframe external dimensions.


Hollow block (390*190*190mm)

10/ die

Plate size


The molding cycle

15 to 25 seconds/time

Production capacity

32 million yuan/year (240*115*53mm)

Vibration force


Execution standard


Brick type

High output

Standard brick 240 * 115 * 53 mm



Class production (10 hours) 108000-96000.

Porous brick 240 * 115 * 90 mm



Class production (10 hours)54000-39300

The hollow bricks 390 * 190 * 190 mm



Class production (10 hours)22500-16360

The Netherlands brick 100 * 200 * 50 mm



Class production (10 hours)48600-368880

High cost performance

The device is worth far more than its price, due to its simple operating procedures, advanced molding methods, excellent power-saving function and unique production process.

It has laid the foundation for you to recover the cost in a short time, and our company's sales network and perfect after-sales service system all over the country have relieved your worries.

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