High Cement Block Machine

High Cement Block Machine

high cement block machine high cement block machine in market are different type and multifunctional choice.but the quality the good and bad are intermingled.Please make it clear it is Qingzhong Brand and following points: Environmental raw material: Concrete,cement,fly ash and slag are nomarl...

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high cement block machine

high cement block machine in market are different type and multifunctional choice.but the quality the good and bad are intermingled.Please make it clear it is Qingzhong Brand and following points:

Environmental raw material:Concrete,cement,fly ash and slag are nomarl material everywhere for brick making machine,easy to use;

Scientific Working process:Hydraulic pressure adding vibration system in brick making machine,make the finished bricks more stable quality;

Germany block machine advanced technology, low noise, weight exceeds the weight of domestic productionmodels 30%, shock-absorbing effect; Hydraulic control system consists of a large-volume oil tank automatic pressure systems in brick making machine,

high and low voltage control systems, simultaneous removal of the membrane device.Equipped with cooling and heating system on brick making machine, can ensure the oil temperature and viscosity of the entire hydraulic system is more stable, reliable and advanced oil filtration system, can guarantee the stability of the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic systems.Rotate fast-distributing mode, ensures the bearing block, fly ash lightweight aggregate blocks, blocks full of dense,uniform cloth, cloth rapidly implement vibrating fabric, shorter

cycle time, improve production efficiency and uniquesingle-mode resonance system.The exciting focus on mold,both guaranteed block compactness and reduced chassis vibration and noise. Using super strong steel and special welding technology, good rigidity, vibration-proof, long service life.Four-bar guidance mode and Super staying power pilot bearing to ensure accurate movement of punch and die.Moving parts about brick making machine are made of bearing coupling for easy lubrication and less loss.

Working process

 Working process of high cement block machine

Firstly,by mixer to stir the raw material(cement or concrete or fly ash mixture),after getting perfect proportion material,by belt conveyor to deliver the raw material into feed bin.→Secondly,automatically open the door to feed the material,after getting enough ratio material,shut the door of stock bin.→Thirdly,From the send pallets machine to deliver the pallets,hydraulic press the material and moulding,by press head and mould function,get the bricks shape customer want. →Fourthly,if need color blocks,by 360 degree no dead angle color feeder,to balance the pigment,then by send the brick machine to outlet.



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