Cement Block Making Equipment

Cement Block Making Equipment

Since the moulds are changeable, the concrete equipment is able to produce different types of blocks/bricks, and this is a hydraulic machine can produces a stronger block, due to the greater pound pressure applied by the hydraulic system. The block manufacturer can also realize substantial...

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Since the moulds are changeable, the concrete equipment is able to produce different types of blocks/bricks, and this is a hydraulic machine can produces a stronger block, due to the greater pound pressure applied by the hydraulic system.

 The block manufacturer can also realize substantial savings by using less cement. A ratio from 8:1 to 11:1 sand/cement can be achieved. This machine is designed for the manufacturer with a steady year turnover and with a certain number casher to make the factory running.


This machines can be equipped with an automatic elevator/skip for loading mix into hopper, agitator, an automatic pallet feeder, pallet ejector, brush for cleaning blocks and a run off conveyor (see above). It is suggested that you use a high capacity mixer of over 500 liters. A work force of 20 to 50 employees would keep this factory running at full capacity.


 1, Electrical system adopts imported color touch screen and programmable controller PLC control equipped with data input/output device, the control system including the safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.


2, imported hydraulic components and seal, high dynamic performance proportional valve, according to different work required control oil quantity and pressure, to the essence key components that control the action.


3, the machine adopts high precision, high strength castings and special welding technology and materials manufacturing, good rigidity, shock resistant, long service life.


4, the machine uses four rod guide way to ensure that the head and mould accurate motion.


5, the machine uses mesa vibration extrusion forming, the reciprocating guide feeding device, molding cycle is short, high production efficiency, block quality compact is strong, degree is high, size accurate.


6, the machine, electricity, liquid integration combined with technology, make the equipment operation each cycle is consistent, thus forming products high stability, rejection rate low.


7, the use of a machine by changing mould can produce different specifications porous brick, hollow block, curb, road brick and grassing tree brick, slope protection brick, and cement products.



cement block making equipment

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Our Services


Qingzhong grants our clients a twelve-month-period or 2000-hour warranty for any machine purchased from us. During the warranty period, in case the defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced free of charge, at our discretion.


2.Spare parts

Qingzhong is dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare part with the highest quality, exact fitness and appropriate function. With our global distributor network, you are guaranteed with fast deliveries and services, wherever you are. Please submit your spare parts request to us, and list products name, model, equipment serial number, description of required parts. We guarantee that your request will be handled quickly and appropriately.



Qingzhong offer perfect facilities and comfortable environment and can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training, operation training, maintenance know-how, technical know-how training, and other trainings, all of which are tailored to fulfill your individual needs. Training programs can be conducted in our factory field, or at the client’s site.


4.Technical advice

Qingzhong can also help clients coordinate with trained service personnel to provide you detailed and extensive knowledge about your specific machine. With our technical advices, your machine service life can be significantly prolonged and sustained with high capacity.



1. Our advantage:

a)  Have a good relationship with main construction equipment manufactures of china.

b)  Our Technical team, Sales team and Service team all have rich experience.

c)  Provide the best shipping solution, save the cost of logistics.

2. Date of delivery:

Generally, 30 days after receiving your deposit.

3. Payment term: T/T(30% prepaid, 70% before the shipment), L/C 

4. Validity of the price: 30days


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