Block Machine

  • Spacer Block Making Machine

    Spacer Block Making Machine

    Introduction of spacer block machine: Cement spacer block making machine can play a good role in protecting the steel bar, which can not only fix its position, but also prevent it from being...

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  • Rebar Spacer Blocks Machine

    Rebar Spacer Blocks Machine

    Types and functions of the rebar spacer blocks machine The rebar spacer blocks machine is a common device in the construction industry, and its emergence has greatly liberated the workforce....

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  • Spacer Blocks For Reinforcement Machine

    Spacer Blocks For Reinforcement Machine

    The spacer blocks for reinforcement machine manufacturer introduced the breakdown maintenance of the crusher The crusher is one of the commonly used machines in mining. According to the industry,...

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  • Rcc Cover Block Making Machine

    Rcc Cover Block Making Machine

    1cover block has high strength Made by special arrangement through long-term experiment, the compression strength is up to 70MPA, and its practicability is much higher than that of other...

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  • PLC Fully Automatic Concrete Cover Block Machine

    PLC Fully Automatic Concrete Cover Block Machine

    Society is constantly improving and living standards are constantly improving. One era has one era's characteristic, today's people eat, live, travel and use has also undergone tremendous...

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  • Manual Brick Making Machine

    Manual Brick Making Machine

    Details of manual brick making machine: Type:Hollow Block Making Machine Raw Material:Concrete Processing:Brick Production Line Method:Vibration Automatic:manual type Capacity:1500-2000pcs/8Hr...

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  • Concrete Paving Machine For Sale

    Concrete Paving Machine For Sale

    Parameter of concrete paving machine: Overall dimension: 7100*1500*3000mm Rated pressure: 16Mpa Main vibration form: platform vibration Vibration frequency: 4500-5100 (r/min) Pallet size:...

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  • Brick Press Machine

    Brick Press Machine

    Introduction of brick press machine: Automatic concrete hollow block making machine is a compact oil hydraulic machine according to the standard of international .Many parts from abroad ensure the...

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  • Concrete Paver Machine

    Concrete Paver Machine

    Technical Paremeter: Productivity of concrete paver machine: The concrete paver machine can make many kinds of blocks only by changing the molds More details of concrete paver machine: Heavy duty...

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  • Cinder Block Machine

    Cinder Block Machine

    Product Details of cinder block machine: Introduction of cinder block machine: Electrical system consists of Delta PLC control system and Delta Touch Screen, with data input and output; control...

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  • Brick Paving Machine

    Brick Paving Machine

    Details of brick paving machine: Model NO.: Qz10-15 Raw Material: Concrete,Cement,Flyash,Sand and So on Vibration Frequency: 2800-4500 ( R/Min) Color: According to Your Needs Weight: 10t Molding...

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  • Bricks Machine

    Bricks Machine

    Basic Info for bricks machine: Model NO.: Qz6-15 Hour Capacity: 1080-1440PCS/Hour Pallet Size: 850*680mm Color: Client Requirement Vibration Frequency: 2800-4500 ( R/Min) Block Type: Hollow,...

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