Cement Foam Machine

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The foaming machine is a device that can foam a certain concentration of foaming agent in aqueous solution. Foaming agent itself can not automatically become a bubble, it must pass the foaming machine's mechanical role in order to become a bubble. Foaming machine and blowing agent is a technology system that cooperates with each other, can not play a role alone, who can not do without. Between the two can not say who is the main, who is not the main, its role is quite. Without a blowing agent, the foaming machine can not get out of the bubble and lose the existing value. Similarly, no foaming machine, blowing agent no matter how good, it can not be a bubble, its use will be lost.

The foaming machine is actually an air-entraining machine. Its essence is to introduce air into the foaming agent aqueous solution. The core of its technology is to introduce the air into the aqueous solution in the best way. Foaming machine itself is impossible foam bubble out, it is the introduction of air into the aqueous solution of foaming agent evenly dispersed, to achieve as large liquid-gas contact interface, so that the surface active agent in the foaming agent in the liquid film The surface forms an electric double layer and surrounds the air, forming bubbles one by one.

Therefore, the foaming machine is equivalent to a bubble machine. It is equivalent to the foaming agent aqueous solution mixed with air made of bubbles.

The main body of foam concrete is foam, so foaming foaming machine becomes the key equipment and host machine for foam concrete production. Without it, there is no foam concrete.

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