What is the density requirement of the block machine product?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Block is what we call the block, now mainly used in building construction, is the traditional brick, is the building wall piles the main material.

Block is made of lime mixture by block machining production etc, density refers to the solid such as lime production situation, we know that for a solid things will become more strong, and hollow easy to destroy.

So what are the effects of density on block forming?

1. Fabric: the design of the fabric is very important. The material in the mold can be fully filled, and it is realized completely by the cloth car, which is the important first pass of the compactness of bricks.

2. Block machine: belongs to the suspension vibration, the principle of extrusion forming, not fully accomplished by pressure brick compactness, raw material formula is to rely on cement and solidification effect of viscous material, cement floor, as we all know do must bring up slurry, viscous, pull each other, compact structure, and then do the ground light, foundation and form a whole to have strength, maintenance period by that time is like as strong as the stone as a whole.

The same principle applies to building blocks.

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