What are the functions of the cement block machine?

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Cement block machine is a kind of production machinery, mainly used in the production of cement blocks.

The cement block machine is generally used in construction engineering, and can be used for fast production of pad block, and the production of cushion block has strong resistance to acid and alkali, fire resistance and so on.

Besides these functions, what are the functions of cement blocks?

Below our professional cement block machine factory home to introduce to you.

Function of concrete cement block:

(1) fire protection layer concrete has a certain thermal insulation effect, and can protect the steel bars which are easier to soften when fire is encountered;

(2) under external force, the use of concrete and reinforcing steel bar anchoring force, the two together, work together, protective layer too thin or missing, lowered its anchorage force which reduces the structure to resist the effect of axial force and bending moment;

(3) maintenance structure durability, the concrete protective layer is too thin to penetrate in the wet gas and water, too thick, easy to produce cracks, these could make the steel corrosion and inflation, which is the destruction of a concrete influence use and security of structure.

Concrete block is the cement, coal gangue, fly ash, stone powder, steel slag, slag, cinder and various kinds of industrial waste as raw materials, such as using the reasonable formula, concrete block production machinery and equipment.

The product has the characteristics of static pressure, quiet, environmental protection and high efficiency.

The function of concrete cement spot block is introduced here, using the block mechanism made by our factory, its performance advantage is better.

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