What about the board frame of the block machine?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Cement block, can say is a way of environmental production, waste cement block and utilization of construction waste, slag and other raw materials for production, can effectively protect the integrity of the concrete structure, strong resistance to tolerance, make the combination between concrete and reinforcing steel bar is more strong, but also has a certain thermal insulation effect, can play a protective role of steel.

Cement block machine in the production of cement blocks in the process of the delivery of the board car in the process of automatic transport of the plate, is indispensable, if the local work of the board do not do?


What do you do if you have a plate frame plate with a concrete pad?

1. Cause of failure: the size of the pad is not standard;

Solution: pick out the unqualified board and eliminate the use.

2. Cause of failure: the width of the plate frame is too narrow.

Solution: adjust the width of the plate frame to the appropriate position.

3. Cause of failure: the height of the pad of the cement pad is too thick or the front plate frame is too low, blocking the support plate.

Solution: the height of the plate at the top of the plate.

4. Cause of failure: the cement block machine is shifted to the plate machine, and the center line of the feeder is not in line with the center line of the vibrating table.

Solution: adjust the board to match the center line of the vibrating table.

5. Cause of failure: the edge baffle deformation of the front end of the cement block machine.

Solution: calibration of baffle, or reinforcement.

These problems, we have to be solve in time, otherwise it will affect the production quality of cement block, if the quality of the cement block, further will seriously affect the production quality of construction projects, so in the process of using the block machine, it is important to note that the machine's running status, problems, timely adjust.

Qingzhong machinery professional production block machine equipment, if you have encountered any problems in the use of the pad machine, we can contact us in time.

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