Three are all block molding machine

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Three-type block forming machine belongs to the technical field of construction machinery. A set of struts and the lower base are connected and matched, the upper sliding beam is connected with the upper mold, the lower sliding beam is connected with the lower mold, the upper sliding beam and the lower sliding beam are respectively slidably matched with the struts, the outer side of the strut is provided with a frame, The upper frame is connected with the top frame, and the top frame is provided with a moving hopper through the hopper support. The upper mold connected with the upper sliding beam under the moving hopper is a split mold structure formed by the left upper mold and the right upper mold, and the pair of rocker gears pass through the slide plate The rods are respectively connected with the left upper mold and the right upper mold, a sliding matching caisson is arranged at the center of the upper sliding beam, and the lower mold connected with the lower sliding beam is provided with a mold box, a table vibration box and a discharge mechanism. The three homogeneous block molding machine has the advantages of novelty and reasonable structure, and adopts the structure of sudden impact cloth and triple vibration to realize uniform horizontal distribution and even vertical vibration, which has good practicability and can improve block strength and save Cement, reduce costs.

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