The price of the block machine is affected by those factors

- Feb 23, 2018 -

The block machine is a common equipment in the construction industry, especially in recent years, with the function of the block machine being improved continuously, the application scope of the block machine is expanding continuously.

There are a lot of manufacturers on the market, and the price difference of the block machine is very large. The model, size and type of the block machine also affect the price of the block machine in different degrees.

The manufacturer usually sets the price of the block machine according to these factors.

The function of the block machine:

1. The calculation formula of the bearing capacity from the normal section under the flexural capacity can be seen that when the thickness of the reinforcement is too thick, the effective height of the cross section is reduced by h0, and the flexural capacity of the section is reduced.

It can be seen that the protective layer thickness is an important factor affecting structural bearing capacity.

2. The protective layer of the external force has anchoring force on the steel bar, and the anchorage force between the concrete and the steel reinforcement is used, and the two are closely combined to participate in the work together.

When the protective layer is too thin or missing, it reduces its anchoring force, thus reducing the function of the structure resisting axial force and bending moment.

3. The fire protection layer concrete has a certain thermal insulation effect, and can protect the steel bar which is easier to soften when fire is encountered.

If the protective layer is too thin, it is easy to crack under high temperature environment, which causes the steel reinforcement to reduce the strength due to overheating, thus damaging the whole structure.

4, maintenance structure durability of concrete protective layer is too thin to penetrate in the wet gas and water, too thick, easy to produce cracks, these could make the steel corrosion and inflation, so that the destruction of a concrete influence use and security of structure.

Since the emergence of the block machine, it has been popular with consumers, and there are many types and types available for consumers to choose from.

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