The introduction of the main features of pultrusion equipment

- Mar 19, 2018 -

There are a lot of in our production and processing of large industry equipment is need we have more knowledge and understanding, such as pultrusion equipment, we are in the process of using their relevant characteristics is called for more knowledge and understanding.

Corrosion resistant pultrusion profiles with excellent corrosion resistance, different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts, etc. Various kinds of gas and liquid medium corrosion, never rust, according to the practical use of medium type and the temperature requirements, o-type, such as benzene, vinyl to choose between using, the corrosion resistance of pultrusion profiles for reference table.

Anti-aging, extruded extruded profiles are made of high quality thermosetting resin and glass fiber system, different from ordinary thermoplastic plastics, the normal service life of products can reach 20 years.

The best anti-aging effect can be obtained by adding anti-ultraviolet agent and polyester fiber blanket.

Easy to maintain, the extruded section is to mix the pigment into the resin to make, the product color can be according to the customer request arbitrary deployment, not easy to fade, does not need the paint to maintain and has the self-cleaning function.

Reinforcement material is usually continuous feeding method, such as the method of continuous feeding of fiber from the frame of the yarn.

When drawing and extruding, the fiber first passes through the hot forming mould with the same size as the fiberglass, and then enters a drawing mechanism.

Between the yarn frame and the moulding mold, there is a rubber groove, which is arranged in a pre-prepared resin, the fiber impregnated resin is arranged by the guide device, and then it enters the mold.

From the above we believe that everyone in the introduction of the relevant characteristics of pultrusion equipment and their using standard have more knowledge and understanding, also hope that our introduction for you bring convenience in the future production and processing.

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