The cement foaming machine factory introduces the performance of concrete.

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Concrete is a kind of building materials, mainly made of cement and gel materials, sand and stone.

On the construction site, we can often see concrete figures. Using concrete can not only improve the quality of buildings, but also improve the construction efficiency.

Concrete in have a lot of points, according to the density of concrete can be divided into heavy concrete and normal concrete, lightweight concrete, etc., the use of these concrete range and use method, ratio method.

The performance of concrete is described below:


The most important properties of concrete mixtures.

It mainly includes three aspects: liquidity, cohesion and water retention.

It is used to describe the consistency, fluidity, plasticity of the mix, the performance of the antistratification and the ability to make the water, etc.

The intensity of

The most important mechanical property after hardening of concrete is the ability of concrete to resist pressure, pull, bend and shear stress.

Water cement ratio, cement variety and dosage, variety and dosage of aggregates, mixing, forming and curing all directly affect the strength of concrete.

Concrete compressive strength according to the standard (on the basis of side length is 150 mm cube specimens, 28 days in standard curing condition maintenance, according to a standard test method for measured with 95% reliability cube compressive strength) the strength of the division level


Concrete can produce deformation under load or temperature and humidity, mainly including elastic deformation, plastic deformation, shrinkage and temperature deformation.

The elastic deformation of concrete under short-term load is mainly expressed by elastic modulus.

Under the long-term load, the stress is constant, the strain constant increase is creep, strain is constant, and the stress is decreasing.

The volume deformation due to cement hydration, carbonization of cement and water loss is called shrinkage.

The durability of

The ability of concrete to resist various destructive factors during use.

The durability of concrete determines the life of concrete project.

The performance of concrete is as described in the above article. If you are interested in the content we introduce, we can visit our website or telephone to consult our manufacturers for more detailed information.


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