The brick machine factory home to solve the brick height problem

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The automatic fire free brick machine has obvious advantages in the production of cement block, hollow brick, road brick and so on. The equipment is strong and the safety performance is good.

After the installation of normal equipment, it is necessary to carry out the debugging work to check whether the parts are running properly and whether the parts are loose.

At the same time we also want to often in use process to regular inspection of automatic baking-free brick machine, the process of production will be the height of the brick block does not conform to the requirements, in celebration of machinery factory has made an analysis and introduction.

1. The height of the whole mold brick is too high.

Under the brick machine, the pre-vibration time is set long, with more materials, resulting in high brick height.

The method of processing: adjusting the parameters, it can reduce the pre-vibration time of the material, shorten the time of the rake, and reduce the number of skip trips.

The switch adjustment is too high.

Approach: close the switch to the appropriate height, adjust the parameters and reduce the amount of cloth.

2. The height of the brick is too low.

The reason of the failure: the lower material preset time is set short, with less feeding, resulting in low brick height.

Processing method: adjust the parameters, which can adjust the time of pre-vibration of the material, the length of the rake time, and the number of round trips.

Reason of failure: the proximity switch is too low.

Treatment: adjust the proximity switch to the appropriate height, adjust the parameters and increase the amount of fabric.

From the above introduction, also not ugly, the height of the entire modular brick with cutting speed, feed rate and the discretion of the proximity switch, if the height of the entire modular brick up, put down the three parameters, the corresponding height reach, are going to raise the three parameters.

There must be a corresponding reason for each failure, as long as the cause is solved by the phenomenon.

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