The application of cement block in the construction field

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Before building a house of brick, is now building a house with mostly pad, it is made of sand and cement made from scale, often used to support the building of the reinforcing steel bar, is also known as reinforced protective layer pad.

Because the cement block is strong and strong, it is not easily broken, so it is the main material of building and bridge building.

Production of cement block device is block machine, we can create a set of mould, produce the block can be in accordance with the mold production, and the block production speed, using fewer people, great convenience to block production.

Cement block machine to produce a product has strong permeability, rainy days, the water can permeate through the ground, the road block using small laid, have interlocking function, block and between blocks filled with fine sand, additional gross brick has a certain roughness, has the ideal of friction.

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