The application of block machine in construction industry

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Block machine is used for production of block equipment, can have a variety of styles, produced by the block can be used in highway, railway, construction and other fields, the benefits which the use of it, know together.

The product of cement block machine can be used as the protective layer of steel bar, which plays a vital role in building.

The first is that it is subjected to external forces acting as the anchorage force between the concrete and the steel bar, so that the two are closely connected and its thickness has a prominent effect on the structure's resistance to axial force or bending moment.

In addition, it ACTS as a protective layer to protect the concrete, especially in case of fire, the reinforcement is protected and the whole structure is maintained.

In the end, it maintains the protective layer in the structural durability of concrete so that it is not too thin and easy to penetrate into the damp gas, and it cannot be affected by the corrosion or expansion of the reinforcement and the use and structural safety.

Cement block machine products through continuous improvement and upgrading of production out of the block of respiratory function: when it rains, the road surface water can permeate through the ground, underground water level, and in hot weather, and can be evaporated back into the atmosphere, make air to keep a certain humidity, be conducive to the protection of the soil and vegetation.

The use of pad is conducive to protecting the environment. The construction production adopts the block of factory production, laying on site and reducing dust in construction site, which is conducive to protecting the surrounding environment and improving the construction speed.

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