Solution of common failure of cement block machine.

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Cement block machine mainly used in construction industry, and because the device itself has a good performance, so favored by the masses of users, are being used in the cement block machine, inevitably there will be some problems, we just in time to solve, can better guarantee the operation of the cement block machine, first of all, we first understand some common fault and the solution of the following is the introduction of the cement block vendors would do.


Cement block machine in the production process in the condition of strong vibration, cement block machine hammer is installed correctly will also affect the normal operation of the equipment, in turn when using the hammer, cement block machine should be carried out at the same time all the hammer in surface turning, otherwise it will strong vibration occurred during operation.

Adjust the weight of the hammer, the weight of the difference between two groups of corresponding hammer more than 5 grams, card too tight when the hammer, no off running, can turn the watch by hand after downtime, to find a way to make flexible rotation cement block machine hammer.

The weight of the other parts on the rotor is not balanced, and it is necessary to carefully check and adjust the balance.

Bending deformation of main shaft of concrete block machine equipment.

The solution is straightening or replacement, bearing clearance damage.

New bearings are generally used to solve problems.

The base Angle fixing nut must be fixed tightly.

Understand the common faults of cement block machine solution, we meet a similar problem in the future work, can be better solved, in order to avoid the happening of the problem, of course, we are in the cement block machine to also want to check before using, so as to better ensure that don't use process problems.

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