Pull the factory home to introduce the production essentials of the equipment

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Pultrusion equipment is a very practical mechanical equipment for our production of composite materials. It plays a very important role in our daily machinery production.

But how much do you know about FRP?

What are the essentials?

Let's take a look at it!

The production of glass reinforced plastic extruder.

1. Production of main mode: the first selection of the main mode requires material, usually there are many kinds, the general material is easy to form, easy to rest, and has the characteristics of good stability.

Such as wood, gypsum, wax, etc.

We usually use wood.

According to the product drawing or mould drawing, the wood master is made by the carpenter.

2. Modification of main mode: the requirement of the main mode is that the production mode should be turned over after the completion of the patching.

The dressing is full of putty, plastic, the size of the more positive, reinforcement.

This process is mainly to the wooden model appearance and the group to do the fundamental processing punishment, in order to cover the wood model in size and the situation with the drawing.

3. Treatment of the main mold appearance: this process includes spray coating, adhesive curing, polishing, polishing, and moulding wax, etc.

In the previous process, the main mold of punishment is sprayed onto the rubber coating, and then the adhesive is solidified, and then the coating is polished with sandpaper.

As usual from a few dozens of coarse sandpaper to a thousand or so of fine sandpaper.

After finishing the sandpaper, we started polishing the mold, and then we finished the moulding products.

At this point, the main mode production is over.

And then you can use the main die to make the mold.

Pultrusion equipment industry only with a clear understanding of our products in the production process and in the production of some of the main point, we can better use it in production, make it to create better products for us.

This will also play a role in the development of our industry in the future.


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