Problems and solutions that may be encountered in the work of peanut picker

- Mar 26, 2018 -

Qingzhong machinery factory is specialized in producing peanut combine harvester, peanut picker, peanut seedling machine and so on. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.

The integrity, strength and product quality of the machinery factory in qingzhong county are recognized by the industry.

When the peanut picker has a small failure, we can solve the problem by ourselves, the simplest such as: adding grease, filling welding, etc.

When the drum is blocked, the feeding amount should be checked, the drying humidity of peanut seedlings, the tightness of the motor triangle belt, the power supply voltage, etc.

Adjust the clearance between the roller and the bottom of the sieve when the peanut picker is not clean.

The gap between the roller and the bottom of the sieve is easy to be picked.

When the peanuts contain more sundries, when the peanuts have been sucked out, adjust the air intake.

When sundry, reduce the intake;

Peanut small fruit has been sucked out, raise the air intake.

This makes it easy to troubleshoot.

1. The fuselage is unstable.

The machine oscillation may be caused by the disjoint of the excavator at both ends of the harvester, or it may be that the excavation of the scraper has caused a machine sensation.

At the moment, the machine can be handled with a stir by adjusting the length of the connecting rod.

The connecting rod in front of the triangle takes the adjustment of the left excavation shovel, and the connecting rod of the two vertical center is the adjustment of the right side excavating shovel.

Adjustment, will harvest machine from the ground, and make the tractor idle work, the connecting rod lock nut loosen, adjust the corresponding connecting rod, pay attention to the investigation of double side excavation shovel to sway, ups and downs with two head protection board it is advisable to delete article, until adjusted to swing together, then put the nut lock.

2. The soil is not good enough.

Peanut soil off owe good refers to the soil after harvest peanuts no shaking, clean, the reason is that excavation shovel the grave too deep cause to sway, strength decrease formation of rod length can be adjusted center, advances the depth of excavation shovel the grave.

Shorten the length of the center pull rod properly, and remove the end of the strip from the ground 3 ~ 5cm, which can deal with this problem.

3. Many drops of fruit.

Groundnut fruit falls in the ground, demand a grain to pick up, therefore, once discovered the fruit appearance, demand seasonable processing.

The result is because the excavation shovel is too high to form, can choose the adjustment center pull rod method to adjust.

On the contrary, the extension of the length of the center pull rod can be used to deal with the question of fruit.

If you have problems using the peanut picker.

Please dial my factory service number: 008613937264023.

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