Pad machine manufacturer introduces cement block

- Jan 31, 2018 -

The cement block machine mainly produces reinforced concrete protective layer pad, beam support, reinforced layer spacing standard block support, etc.

At present, it is mainly used in building buildings, road railways, Bridges and ancient buildings.

The cement block plays a supporting role in the building, so the quality of the cement blocks directly affects the life, corrosion resistance and fire resistance of the construction project.

Chuxian weight machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of cement block machine, cement block machine can stabilize mass production quality, uniform size of cement block.

Now standard and standard reinforced concrete block has become a widely used product in construction engineering.

The concrete block has a flexible structure, which is convenient for construction. It is convenient for the use of high-rise buildings. It hardly causes harm to the surrounding environment and improves the construction speed.

Cement block also has the very strong permeability, water can quickly penetrate into underground, road block using small laid, block and between blocks filled with fine sand, additional gross brick has a certain roughness, has the ideal of friction, can increase the safety of driving in the winter.

The cement block machine is convenient for producing cement blocks, so long as the proportion of raw materials of cement blocks is controlled well, and the factory can provide fully automatic block machine, the production efficiency is higher.

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