Operation of Cement Brick Machine

- May 24, 2018 -

Points of operation of cement brick machine:

  1. The use of hydraulic system needs to meet the rated pressure, which must be higher than the rated pressure, but not too high. The low pressure can cause the product quality to decrease, and the pressure is too high to cause wear to the brick machine.

2. Regularly clean the oil filter net and check the oil amount of the fuel tank at any time.

The mixing mixture of cement brick machine should not contain large particles of metal, hard bone and other hard materials, which is easy to damage the equipment of brick machine.

3. When inspecting and repairing the brick machine, the brick machine can be cut off with power supply, and the maintenance of electric maintenance is strictly prohibited. The materials in the hopper need to be condensed into plates easily, and they need to be used at any time and cannot be placed for too long. 

4. During the running of brick making machine, plate above there can be no materials and other things, if with other material, need to clear in time, otherwise the downside of the frame does not reach the designated position, make the frame and the feeding platform is not a parallel surface, easy to cause damage of feeding dolly. Make sure the tile plate is clear and clean. Shock pressure of the time we will strictly control, brick making machine run time need to check the process, view the presence of screw loosening, parts damage, etc., in the event of accident, must stop any operation, and break the power supply as soon as possible.


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