Necessary understanding of the use of hollow block machine

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Actually now people pay more and more attention to for environmental protection and safety, so the block has been widely used in load-bearing wall buildings as well as nonbearing wall, block machine can be used to efficiently complete the production of hollow block brick, they are the main products of the wall materials.

Of course, we can produce load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls depending on the degree of compression required.

Of course, there are some mistakes in the understanding of the hollow block machine.

1. Is the hydraulic drive block machine better than the other way?

Whether hydraulic transmission or pneumatic, mechanical transmission of the machine, block forming mainly by vibration to make the material dense formation of high strength.

In fact, block strength and raw material grading, the formula has a direct relationship.

In addition, hydraulic transmission, pneumatic or mechanical transmission block molding machine, molding yield difference is not large, main is to look at the production of the auxiliary machinery configuration and the automation of the whole production line design.

2. The water absorption rate of wall block produced by masonry machine is not big?

Is it easy to plaster?

Will there be cracks?

In long-term research and practice to master the distribution, density, the influence of admixture on block later construction, with 10 mpa strength grade block as an example, the water absorption rate of 5%, less than 10% of clay sintered brick (10 mpa) of water absorption, permeability resistance higher than that of clay sintered brick, because of its proper grading, rendering problems will not fall off.

In fact, in the production process, if the design specification and construction requirements of the hollow block machine are strictly followed, the probability of cracks in the wall is very small.

At the same time, if we want to use a half block of bricks, we can use the corresponding tools to cut the blocks, and we can also use the corresponding molds for production.

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