Introduction of foam concrete machine

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Introduction of foam concrete machine

1. Installation: Mount the auger feeder on the feeding inlet of foamed concrete mixer, with the outlet of mixer connected with the inlet of screw mortar pump (ID64 plastic tube, PVC hose, 2-3m in length) and placed a little higher than the pump inlet; connect the mortar pump outlet with a discharge tube (ID50 plastic tube, PVC hose) no more than 100m in length; arrange the cement foaming machine around the mortar pump, with its discharge tube fixed on the feeding tube of foam mixer in the mortar pump; then, connect the equipments to power sources and check carefully for safety.

2. Connect a water pipe to the water inlet of foamed concrete mixer for adding water through the inlet and regulating water flow with the inlet valve.

3. Place a big volume plastic drum or plastic cloth pool near the cement foaming machine, prepare the foaming solution in a proportion of 1kg foaming agent to 40kg water and mix evenly; then, immerse the liquid inlet pipe and return pipe of the foaming machine (two yellow pipes) in the foaming solution.

4. Add water in the mixer and start up the equipment to check whether the machines run normally, the mortar pump draws water normally, the foaming machine foams normally, the feeder, mixer and foaming machine rotate reversely, and the direction of rotation is correct, or the equipment should be put out of service

5. Normal production can be started if the equipments are proved to be under normal conditions. Turn on the power of mixer and start it up, open the inlet value for adding water, then energize the auger feeder for loading (do not load any material before the mixer is started up, but the machine should be started and water be added before loading, so as to avoid motor burnout); add cement and other necessary materials in the hopper of feeder, adjust the damper at the hopper opening to control material flow; turn on the foaming machine after mortar is mixed evenly; open the outlet valve of mixer and switch on the screw mortar pump after foaming becomes normal for construction of thermal insulation of the roof or cast-in-place wall by pumping.

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